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Backup Plugin and Backup Cloud Storage for Coupon Sites

On the 29 September 2016

We’ve just released a new plugin that automatically backups your database and files. We’ve especially designed it to work on shared hostings, so it may be slow but it doesn’t use any shell commands.

It saves database’s and file’s backups in /backups folder in separate files.
In the plugins’ settings page there are instructions how to block access from the outer world to this directory.
The plugin costs $39, you can install it on as many sites as your CouponPHP license afford you.

We highly do not recommend to keep the backups on the same datacenter nor hosting company where you have your website. Download it on a regular basis to some outside storage.
In case you want there is a built-in integration with our Cloud Backup Storage that automatically stores your backups in our secure server that we backup regularly. The files can be only accessed with your unique api key for the plugin.
The storage costs $4.9 per month and includes 30 slots and maximum 10GB space. Each slot can keep 1 database and 1 files backup.

Due to possible constraints of your hosting company there may be some difficulties on running the plugin, we recommend to test it on your hosting before completely relying on its independent work.