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CouponPHP 3.0, What’s New?

On the 02 March 2017

Major change in 3.0 is the ability to auto update itself and purchase/install plugins right inside the script’s admin panel.
Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 13.34.53

The script checks for updates in the main server using its Product Key and if there is any found installs it in 1 click.
If you need just to restore the files to its original state you can use update process with the same version, the configuration file, settings and all the files you created apart from the script will be left intact.

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 13.35.56

Plugins installation also has been made very easy, you can see all the available plugins in the Plugins section of your admin panel, purchase them right there and install/reinstall/update in 1 click.


Some other minor changes:


  • Email subscription fixed some missed translations
  • Email subscription correct handling International characters
  • Fixed categories filtrations for stores list
  • Some expired coupons couldn’t be deleted
  • Fixed permissions for admin panel users for plugins
  • Eliminated Notice error message on fetching CouponFeed
  • Admin panel new store category assignment works correctly now
  • More correct 404 error handling in some urls
  • Subscriptions emails now can have unsubscribe link
  • Email queue can be run from Crontab without changing the directory
  • PHP 7 compatibility changes
  • Some emails were sent with multiple To addresses visible
  • Email templates are now more accurate
  • Admin panel menu now supports items with no children
  • Added more correct work with Never Expires for coupons in some MySQL versions
  • Stores pages pagination fixes
  • Admin panel, Visitors statistics some values were not shown
  • %MONTH% macros now support International characters including Meta tags
  • More correct encoding work for non English locations
  • Admin panel fixed pagination in subscribers table

Trendy Template

  • Responsive fix for the subscribe bar in store pages
  • Some external urls were not handled by /go.php script
  • Date picker didn’t show some icons
  • Blog plugin now supports SemanticUI
  • Added parameter to show/hide view counter for coupons
  • Fixed Date Picker on the Submit page

Layla Template

  • Updated Carousel, removed dependency from OwlCarousel site
  • In some cases a PHP Warning was shown for coupons

Backup Plugin

  • Now can be run in Crontab without changing the directory

FlatUI(Bootstrap) and Finland Templates

  • Stores’ counter now shows correct value
  • Store thumbs changed for faster version
  • Finland fixed broken store link on Stores page

Fake Actions Plugin

  • Actual error messages shown now

Sitemap Plugin

  • Added static pages to the sitemap
  • Added Blog pages to the sitemap