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How to connect CouponPHP with Twitter

On the 29 June 2016

couponPHP is using Twitter Connect to enable users to sign up using their Twitter account.

  • In order to enable Twitter connect you should create a new Twitter app. You can find the Twitter Developer Program’s website here.
  • Sign in (using your Twitter credentials) then select “My applications” from the top right dropdown. Finally hit “Create New App”!
  • Fill the form! Make sure to add sensible Name and Description for your app because it will be visible for your end users.
  • For the callback url add “”.
  • Once your app is set up click “Settings” in the top menu.
  • Make sure the “Allow this application to be used to Sign in with Twitter” checkbox is checked.
  • Go back to the “Details” tab and click the “Manage API keys” link. On this page you will find your API key and Secret
  • In your couponPHP admin head to Configuration > Manage Accounts > Twitter.
  • Enter your API key and API secret here and save the form
  • If you did everything correctly the “Connect with Twitter” button should appear in your front end’s login popup.