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How to export all your CouponPHP users’ emails to Mailchimp?

On the 19 October 2016

We’ve just released a plugin that performs 2 functions:

  1. Automatically exports all your new users to your Mailchimp List
  2. Allows you to create a subscription form in your CouponPHP template

couponphp works with mailchimp

With the Mailchimp settings set in your plugin’s settings it connects to your CouponPHP user creation procedure and exports all new users’ emails to your Mailchimp list.
There is no additional actions required.

User subscription form is quite easy to create, we have already one in our Premium templates and if you’re using custom ones you can easily just copy-paste the html/javascript piece of code into your template.

The plugin needs 2 parameters: Obviously your Mailchimp API Key, that allows it to access your Mailchimp account and the second one is a list id, to identify the list you want the emails to be stored in.


To get your Mailchimp API Key follow these steps:Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 20.22.35

  1. Click on your username at the top-right column
  2. In the dropdown click at Account
  3. In the center of the page in the menu click at Extras
  4. In the dropdown click at Account
  5. If you don’t have yet an API key click at Create A Key
  6. Simply copy-paste the full API Key in your API Key field in the plugin’s settings


To get your Mailchimp List Id follow these steps:

  1. Click on List menu item at the top-left corner
  2. Choose the list and click on it’s name
  3. In the center of the page in the menu click at Settings
  4. In the dropdown click at List name and defaults
  5. In the right column on the top of the page you’ll see a section List ID
  6. Simply copy-paste the id that looks like d73dc1f89c in your List id field in the plugin’s settings


How to export all your users’ emails that have registered before the plugin was installed?

In your admin panel:

  1. Navigate to Users > Manage Users
  2. Click at Download All link
  3. Navigate to Users > Subscribers
  4. Click at Download All link
  5. In in your Mailchimp account navigate to Lists
  6. In your list’s right column click on menu and choose Import
  7. Opt-in for CSV or tab-delimited text file
  8. Upload both files using this procedure

If you don’t haveDownload All links then simply update your script to the latest version.


The Mailchimp integration plugin’s costs $29 and it can be purchased in your member area, it has the same limits on domains it can be installed as your CouponPHP license.