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How to fix clipboard coupon code copy?

On the 15 August 2016

We’ve decided to change our tactic. Usually we do big updates with many fixes in one, despite that it is very convenient for us it forces you as clients wait for long for the bugs to be fixed.
So we’ve decided make the changes, we will roll out some bug fixes and new features to our Coupons&Deals Script right after they are done and allow you to download it for free and update your script right away.
And we will still make new versions with all the fixes included.

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 17.36.29

So here is the first fix that some of our clients were asking to. Because coupon code clipboard copy implementation was based on the already outdated Flash technology it is now blocked in many browsers and completely not function in almost all mobile devices.
We’ve issued a fix to Finland and Bootstrap themes that changes the function to use only Javascript.
With this change the pages loads faster and it works in most the browsers.
We’ve tested in Firefox and Chrome, both mobile and desktop versions.

At the same time we fixed the layout issue with Copy button

You can download the archive with files to changes: