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How to make money with a coupon site and deals site on CouponPHP

On the 02 July 2016

A couple of people asked us “how will couponPHP pay me?”. I have to clarify something here. couponPHP is not an affiliate company. We are a software company providing you the tools to make money with a coupon / deal website. couponPHP won’t pay you for sales made through your site but we have the integrated tools from 3rd parties to enable you to earn commissions.

Here is how you can make money with the script:

Using CouponFeed

CouponFeed is couponPHP’s solution to enable you to add coupons and deals to your site automatically. couponFeed doesn’t have any affiliate information in it. So how do you make money with the feed? The answer is Skimlinks. Skimlinks is a 3rd party affiliate tool which will add affiliate info to your links when a user clicks on them. If the user buys something using your coupons you will get commissions. Skimlinks works with over 18.000 merchants so it is a much easier way to do affiliate marketing than using your own relationships direct with the merchants

How to set up Skimlinks integration:

  1. Register at Skimlinks
  2. Once you are approved enter your Skimlinks ID in your couponPHP admin area under Configuration > Manage Accounts > Skimlinks
  3. You are done, and earning money

Using iCodes

iCodes(, is a 3rd party feed solution integrated into couponPHP. They aggregate coupons from various affiliate networks and let you enter your affiliate network ids. couponPHP is capable of fetching coupons from iCodes feed automatically and you will comission directly from the network if a user buys something using your links

How to set up iCodes:

  1. Register at or
  2. Set up your affiliate ids in their interface
  3. Enter your iCodes API key in your couponPHP admin area under Configuration > Manage Accounts > iCodes

Using your own links

couponPHP of course also allows you to use your own affiliate links. You can enter them one by one by going Coupons > Add new coupon in your admin area. Or you can import them via CSV under Feeds / Import > Import CSV. Most affiliate networks allow you to export coupons into a csv file. You can just download them and modify the format to match the one in the example and you are good to go

Display ads

Of course you can make money using display ads as well. You can add your Adsense or other banner ads in the admin area under Configuration > Text widgets / Ads