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CouponPHP Installation Guide

On the 14 July 2016

Installing CouponPHP never been easier. Simply follow the steps below to complete your setup process!

  • Unpack the downloaded package with your favorite archiving tool. For Windows we suggest WinRar and RarExpander for Mac. If you are on Linux you already know your favorite unrar tool.
  • Upload the contents of the package to your server’s public_html (on some hostings it is called httpdocs or htdocs) folder
  • Give write access for the following files / folders. couponPHP keeps some data in plaing text files so it is important to make these folders writeable. You can enable writing for a specific folder by chmod-ing it to 755 or 777. Look up your ftp software’s documentation for help. The folders to make writeable:
    • public_html/vars.php – This file will contain the configuration after the install process. When you are done with the installation you can set the permissions back as they were
    • public_html/thumbs – This is where couponPHP keeps the thumbnails for coupons / deals / stores and users
    • public_html/thumbs/stores
    • public_html/thumbs/coupons
    • public_html/thumbs/users
    • public_html/cache – couponPHP will cache here to boost your site’s performance
  • Navigate your browser to to invoke the installation process
  • Follow the instructions from the installer. It will ask you for your database details so make sure you set up one beforehand. Click here for a guide on how to set up a database and a user in cPanel. Make sure your database user has the right permissions for the database
  • When the installer finishes remove the install folder from your public_html
  • You are done. Enjoy your new site. You can access your admin area at
  • It is time to set up your cronjobs