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Integration with Rakuten Popshops plugin released

On the 27 October 2016

After releasing Rakuten Linkshare plugin we’ve received several inquiries about making also an integration with Rakuten Popshops feed.
New plugin creates a seamless integration with Popshops the same way as CouponPHP imports coupons and deals from our Coupon Feed project.
No additional work is required, everything is done automatically.

The plugin needs 2 parameters: Application Key and Catalog Key.
In Popshops members area you can create so called Catalogs that unite merchants and adding a website to a catalog you can obtain a Catalog Key with what our plugin can fetch coupons using Popshops API.
Application Key can be found on the same page as a Catalog Key, simply clicking on the catalog link in the API section of your dashboard.

It can be run manually from your admin panel or automatically from your server’s cronjobs interface.
It automatically imports all the available coupons and deals from your account and creates new stores if they haven’t been created before.

The plugin’s price is $29 and it can be purchased in your member area, it has the same limits on domains it can be installed as you CouponPHP license.