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New CouponPHP 2.3.2

On the 29 September 2016

This is a minor change in the script, if you haven’t found anything valuable to you in it please skip it.
This update doesn’t require any changes in the database, so you can just copy the new files over the old ones.

We’ve added support for custom css files to all of our templates, it means that if you want to make custom changes to a template and not be affected by future script upgrades then simply use your own CSS file with !important marks in your css rules to override default values.
You can find this new field in your template settings.

The sorting bug with pagination has been fixed, now coupons order more correctly, thanks for Amar from

Bootstrap theme has also been updated with fixing h4/h2 html bug in the stores’ pages.

P.S. Checkout our new Backup Plugin and Backup Cloud Storage for Coupon Sites