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New CouponPHP 2.3 released

On the 26 September 2016

How to update?

The files are already available to download in your client area.

In case your current version is less that 2.2 then please update the script to 2.2 first.
Assuming that you have 2.2 version please follow the next simple procedure:

  1. Make backup of your files and database
  2. Copy the new script to your directory except /installer directory and vars.php file
  3. There is a database scheme upgrade script from 2.2 to 2.3 version, simply run in your browser:
    http://yoursitename/plugins/upgrade 2.2 to 2.3.php

Followed are the changes in the new version:

Admin area

  • Admin panel https works correctly now
  • Admin panel store editing category setting bug fixed
  • SMTP settings page has “Send test” button that sends email right after saving the settings to test the delivery.
  • Admin password and username change added
  • “Categorize” coupons now runs super fast even on several hundred thousand coupons database
  • Subscribers can be downloaded in csv format
  • Coupon’s thumbnail can be deleted now
  • New stores always have empty botton description bug fixed
  • International characters like å,ä,ö now supported in the store’s fields
  • Fixed fields’ width in the SEO Settings page
  • Date bug fix in 2.2 that sometimes caused Manage coupons table not to show
  • Never expires coupon save bug fix
  • Earn money from the link “Crafted by CouponPHP” in the bottom, just set you affiliate id in Configuration > General settings. Get your affiliate id from Member section


  • All themes now support coupons sorting by:
    • Title
    • Discount
    • Expire date
    • Clicks
    • Date added
  • All the templates now support https, we’ve revised 200+ files to enable it
  • Some clients forget to set up redirect to www. domain for non www. calls, we’ve changed the code to support correct working if a visitors navigates to a wrong domain
  • Sitemap plugin now can be called from crontab
  • Sitemap now doesn’t generate links to the coupons page(to not to duplicate content coupons pages are disabled)
  • Coupon sorting bug for “Newly added” fixed
  • Default timezone set to UTC added because some PHP versions trigger an error if not
  • Store’s permalink can be changed now
  • Fixed bug that when a coupon is expired changing it’s date doesn’t make the coupon to appear again
  • If a coupon has no URL then the store’s affiliate url is used
  • User registration can be turned off for some designs
  • User commenting can be turned off for some designs
  • A way to let users submit coupons without registration added for some designs
  • Main page coupons count can be limited
  • In the search result coupons and deals are shown altogether, no tabs anymore
  • /category as a default category index page instead of /categories
  • Free Shipping search for coupons with free shipping is for all the designs
  • Fixed pagination bug in some templates
  • Category page now shows not only Coupons from the Category, but also coupons from the stores in the Category
  • .htaccess is changed to allow direct match filenames exception, so if you upload a file to the script’s directory you can run/open it without the script to starts. This also has fixed bugs with some 3rd party integrations
  • Related stores are shown in the store page even if no category to the store is attached
  • When a visitor subscribes to a store he gets the activation email immediately, no queue for emails
  • Email subscription activation bug fixed
  • If in the search action there is 100% match with some store name then the visitor is redirected to the store
  • Several optimizations in SQL queries for large(100k+ coupons) databases speed up
  • Some custom pages showed with error bug fix
  • Favicon not shown bug fix

Trendy template(new in 2.2)

This template is not included in no license, it will be soon available in the client area, to purchase it now please contact us at [email protected]

  • added for stores it means that Google can show store’s ratings in the search results
  • Store’s rating now is shown using 1-5 stars, users can vote by clicking on the stars(see demos for example)
  • Main page now can show Recent Coupons/Recent Deals/Recent Coupons&Deals or Featured coupons of your choice
  • Visitors can now subscribe to the stores
  • Related coupons and stores sections added to the side bar
  • Top 8 stores added to the category pages
  • From the admin panel each store can have custom h2 tag
  • Copy the clipboard button added to the coupon popup
  • Share/email sections can be removed from the admin area in template settings
  • Ajax search preview added
  • In the coupon’s settings the admin panel new field added “Label” to customize little green label in the coupon, for example to put “Exclusive” there
  • Fixed thumbs resize algorithm for better view
  • $, euro, % automatically recognized and its values shown in case the coupon has no image. For example if in the title is writter “30.50 €  rabatt” the system will identify that the coupon gives 30.5 eur discount and will show “30.5€ OFF” instead of the coupons image
  • target=”_blank” is removed from almost all links
  • Store voting is now with 5 stars rating
  • 404 page added
  • Send coupon by email button added, triggers immediate coupon send with no queue
  • Twitter share bug fixed
  • Longer words, like for example german support added in the Get Deal buttons
  • After clicking “Get Code” the code is also be revealed on the page
  • Titles added for stores’ images
  • /search.php changed to /search
  • Custom pages wrong urls bug fix

Bootstrap(FlatUI template)

  • added for stores it means that Google can show store’s ratings in the search results
  • Store’s rating now is shown using 1-5 stars, users can vote by clicking on the stars(see demos for example)
  • 301 redirect to the store page in case user navigates to a coupon page
  • Fixed logo size
  • Main page bottom description added
  • Elimanated distinction of coupons and deals almost everywhere, now they are show just as Coupons
  • Mixed up newest/popular indicator fixed
  • Store voting is now with 5 stars rating

Finland template

  • Added bottom description to the stores’ pages
  • Horizontal scroll appereance bug fixed
  • Elimanated distinction of coupons and deals almost everywhere, now they are show just as Coupons
  • Store bottom description added
  • Some phrases were not included in the language files for translation


  • Some upgrade and install bug fixes for some MySQL versions