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New CouponPHP 2.4 version is available for download

On the 27 December 2016

Admin panel changes

  • Admin usernames and passwords can be changed now
  • Added correct search in coupons manage page
  • Fixed not appearing 0 values in the settings’ fields
  • Whole admin panel can be now translated to any language
  • Added WYSIWYG editors to all long text fields
  • Users list can be downloaded now in CSV format
  • Thumbnails can be removed now
  • In the Manage Coupons page coupons’ urls are hidden if empty
  • SEO data can now be completely removed for stores
  • New option in Site Settings: show hidden coupons in the admin panel
  • CSV import new options added: hide existed coupons and ignore expired coupons
  • Stores can be added from a list with automatic title and description parsing from the meta tags

Core changes

  • New faster thumb resize engine
  • Text fields are now have an increased limit of 64kb
  • New macros for stores’ descriptions: %STORE_NAME% %YEAR%, %MONTH%, %DAY% 

  • RSS feed now has an advanced version, can filter out coupons by store/category/keyword parameters, supports pagination
  • Single pages for coupons is an option now
  • Corrected timezone and locale work

  • Fixed coupon sorting in different parts
  • All mentions can now be removed in the frontend and backend in a Developer license
  • Fixed permalink creating for manually added stores
  • PHP7 compatibility added
  • Coupons have now permalinks, no need for numerical indexes in the urls
  • Stores alphabet page, no 50 stores limit anymore
  • Expired coupons are not shown in the related coupons section anymore
  • Latest up to date MySQL version support added
  • New setting in the admin panel: default logo for the stores, is shown if there’s no thumbnail for the store

Frontend changes

  • Correct pagination work
  • Fixed redirect for urls with special characters

Trendy template

  • Each coupon can have now custom text on its button
  • Rate Now! text added to the store page
  • Added a Subscribe section in the store pages under the coupon list
  • Added support for long German words
  • On store page coupons don’t have anymore link to the store
  • Background texture can be “none” now, more colour settings in the template settings
  • Coupons have now bottom description
  • Single coupon page added
  • Social networks sharing works now faster and with no accounts linking in the admin panel
  • Collections support added
  • Semantic-UI library has been updated to the latest versionSemantic-UI library has been updated to the latest version
  • jQuery-UI library has been updated to the latest version
  • 0 rating in bug was fixed
  • New setting: date format for the expirations date
  • All the coupons and deals are now shown in format
  • Blog plugin support added with Semantic-UI interface
  • Added header widget
  • Fixed messed up smiles in the coupon popups
  • Corrected subscribe/unsubscribe AJAX work
  • Carousel appears more smoothly on load
  • New option in the Template Settings: show domain name under the title
  • Coupons now have an icon field, it is shown if there is no thumbnail for the coupon

Finland template

  • Bottom description for the main page added
  • New and faster redirect work
  • Some broken links fix
  • Some words were not translated fixed
  • Site’s name is now hidden if there’s a logo

Bootstrap/FlatUI template

  • New and faster redirect work
  • Added new field: Mobile version site’s logo that appears instead the normal when the site is shown on mobile devices
  • Background texture can be “none” now
  • Stores have now stars rating
  • 0 rating in bug was fixed
  • Corrected number of coupons/deals for the stores

Blog plugin

  • Fixed incorrect post date
  • Added new frontend framework Semantic-UI for compatibility with the Trendy template

iCodes Plugin

  • Fetches both coupons and deals now

Sitemap plugin

  • Command line run in different PHP modes added