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New CouponPHP 2.5 Released

On the 24 January 2017

To install simply copy all the files over the olds ones except vars.php and run the database update scripts in the /plugins/ directory.

Admin panel

  • You can now multiple stores at one time and we will automatically parse titles and descriptions from the meta tags
  • Updated trumbowyg library, fixed some bugs in the WYSIWYG editor
  • In the site settings you can now set a default logo for stores that is shown if the store lacks its logo(Trendy template is only supported until now)
  • Fixed bug when some empty slides couldn’t be removed from the carousel’s settings
  • Admins can have now their permissions settings working
  • Faster and lighter thumbnails in the Coupons Manage table
  • Add new coupon didn’t work in some cases, fixed
  • CouponFeed integration: now you can fetch by multiple stores list


  • If a store has no affiliate url then domain is used as the affiliate url
  • Removed some short tags for better compatibility with some servers
  • Fixed some installation errors on some MySQL servers
  • Coupon fetching didn’t work in some cases – fixed
  • Search for stores now works with SEO routes
  • Breadcrumbs now have SEO routes
  • Coupon expiration date moved from date type in MySQL to timestamp
  • Fixed some missed translations
  • Categories have now custom SEO settings in their admin panel pages
  • Collections have now custom SEO settings in their admin panel pages
  • Added support for Germanic Umlauts(ä, ö, ü) in the search
  • Categories’ permalinks now have more correct transliteration from umlauts: ä > au, ö > ou,  ß > ss
  • Incorrect url requests now to go 404 page and generate HTTP 404 error
  • Email subscription: added unsubscribe link to the emails

Trendy template

  • Fixed carousel bug with control images no showing
  • Stores have its default login(admin panel settings)
  • Updated date picker library
  • Fixed shop urls routing in the related coupons section
  • Homepage bottom description size fixed to occupy all the available space
  • Fixed SEO routes on store page
  • Social network icons can be hidden from the settings
  • Display category bar option added
  • Fixed Twitter share button
  • Fixed store’s logo in the subscribe popup
  • In the sidebar you can now choose to show Coupons/Deals/Both in the related coupons section
  • Category page: On the top of the page in the Top Stores section first come featured stores now

Sitemap plugin

  • More correct CLI mode running
  • Added blog posts to the sitemaps
  • Added static pages to the sitemaps
  • Individual coupon pages are hidden from the sitemap if in the Trendy template they are turned off