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New CouponPHP 3.1

On the 14 March 2017

In case you already have 3.0 version you can upgrade right from your admin panel in a few clicks.
In case your CouponPHP version is lower than 3.0 please download the files from your member area, copy the new files over the old ones except vars.php and run all the database upgrade scripts located in the /plugins/ directory.

Admin Panel

  • Coupon New/Edit page now has the second Save button on top for more convenience
  • Coupons Manage table now has 2 more columns: Upvotes and Downvotes, sortable
  • In the Site settings you can now set the default values of Upvotes and Downvotes for new coupons created manually in the admin panel
  • Collections now have editable h2 headers, Trendy only
  • Coupons Manage table now doesn’t have the Description column for its better look

Trendy template

  • Trendy template: If a coupon has the Never Expires flag you can set a particular expiration date to show up in its details
  • Trendy template: After clicking on the coupon code the visitor can now select the code


  • Coupons now can have multiple coupon code, one per line, every time a random is chosen to show
  • In the Admin panel you can turn on an option to track users’ IP addresses to show them all the time unique coupon codes
  • Fixed Coupon saving with never expire flag on, was failing in some cases
  • Groupon Plugin now has an option to create new Categories based on Divisons from the feed and apply them to the new offers
  • Email Subscription: Popup shown to the user when he confirm a subscription
  • Category page in all the template, it is possible in the Site settings to set to show only Coupons, only Deals or both them there