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New CouponPHP 3.2, what’s new?

On the 10 July 2017

For the update simply click Update menu item in your admin panel and follow the instructions.

For plugins and themes update please use Addons section of your menu in your admin panel.

Core Changes

  • Fixed not logging of coupon clicks in case the coupon’s affiliate url is empty
  • Fixed minor bug when a coupon has multiple coupon codes
  • Category page now use 2 types of pagination:
    /category/clothing-accessories?page=3 (default)
  • Improved pagination, first page has no page index now
  • Category view now by default can be shown with no subcategories(coupons,deals,stores,coupons-deals)
  • In some cases coupons and deals were not count properly on the stores page(mostly Finland template was affected)
  • Removed some PHP short tags for better compatibility
  • Update functions now handles correctly errors with writing access permissions
  • Reset password function for users now sends emails correctly using SMTP settings
  • Fixed coupons/deals search for category view
  • Stores can have macros %STORE_NAME%, %YEAR%, %MONTH%, %DAY% in the h2 field
  • Coupons/Deals counters now show correct values in search box
  • Fixed minor bug in Viglink plugin

Admin Panel Changes

  • Sorting works correctly by all the columes

Trendy Template Changes

  • On store view page blocks of categories and featured can be hidden with parameters in Template’s Settings
  • Fixed that coupon codes could be changed after click on coupon was made
  • Improved layout on small screens(mobile devices)
  • Coupon code popup now shows the coupon’s image

Finland Template Changes

  • On store view coupons/deals/coupons-deals feed now show correctly