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New CouponPHP 3.4

On the 31 August 2017

For the update simply click Update menu item in your admin panel and follow the instructions.

For plugins and themes update please use Addons section of your menu in your admin panel.

In case you don’t have active support&updates subscription please head over to your member area to renew it.


  • In Configuration > Site Settings added a new parameter “Never Expire Coupons Order” that allows you set the order never expire coupons are shown with, either on top of all either as the last ones
  • Security fix in the search script
  • In Configuration > Site Settings added a new parameter “Use the store’s thumbnail in case a coupon doesn’t have any” that allows you show the stores’ thumbnail in case of coupons don’t have any
  • Some server firewalls blocked update/plugin requests, now there’s a bypass over them
  • Stores page didn’t show all the stores: Fixed
  • Revised code to remove the trailing ‘/’ at the end of the URLs
  • In the .htaccess added the mod_rewrite rule to automatically remove the trailing ‘/’ from the URLs(you may need to manually copy the file from the archive as the Update procedure on some servers may file to copy the hidden file)

Admin Panel

  • When a new menu item added(new plugin or new functions) by default all the admin users don’t have the permission to see it, so you should activate it manually

Sitemap plugin

  • Now shows lastmod field
  • Shows coupons’ URLs correctly from now on
  • Added a new parameter: Location of the sitemap.xml file, can be put in any subdirectory from now on


  • Some CSS fixes
  • Featured Stores block in the sidebar on stores’ pages can be now turned on/off from the Template Options
  • Added new page: Featured Coupons, by default located at /featured, all the SEO meta tags as well as h1 and h2 tags may be set from the admin panel. The page shows all the featured coupons.
  • Added 3 new widgets to the footer, all 3 footer’s blocks can now be modified from the admin panel
  • Custom menu items(Configuration > Menu) now support positions
    Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 15.56.47
  • Added new mobile friendly sidebar menuScreenshot_20170831-160338