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What is new in Version 1.2.0

On the 02 March 2014

New features

  1. Separated language files and language selector in admin area (free Hungarian language pack)
  2. Copy code functionality in default template [known issue: it does not work in IE, since its a security “feature” from Microsoft]
    iCodes UK integration
  3. Ability to define custom colors for default template from admin area
    Categories page
  4. Ability to rearrange order of categories from admin
  5. Ability to block certain domains from couponFeed
  6. Ability to select which countries you want to import from couponFeed

Security fixes

  1. Fixing some non-critical security issues in the admin area. The vulnerabilities allowed potential attackers to execute javascript in the admin area by submitting coupons
  2. Patches SQL injection vulnerabilities in admin area. These security holes were expoitable ONLY if the attacker had access to your admin area.

Bug fixes

  1. Fixing issue with HTML emails sent out as plain text on some systems
    Fixing issue with default template showing duplicate coupon titles when you have featured coupons
  2. Fixing issue with the default template’s main menu got distorted when having a logo higher than 20px
  3. Fixing issue with the default template’s category menu got distorted on low resolution screens or when having lots of categories
  4. Fixing multiple issues with the deafult template on iPhone and iPad
  5. Fixing issue with CSV upload when store domain is not detected correctly in some cases
  6. Fixing issue with the url being displayed incorrectly on the “Manage pages” admin page
  7. Fixing issue with popups being blocked in IE11 and some versions of Chrome
  8. Fixing issue with default template where the category dropdown disappears too quickly