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What is new in Version 2.0.0

On the 15 March 2016

New features

  1. Completely new, modern base template (don’t worry, we kept the old one too)
  2. Selectable Grid / Row layout (“Configuration” > “General Settings” > “Template Options”)
  3. Main page carousel manegable from the admin area (“Configuration” > “General Settings” > “Carousel”)
  4. Tons of pre-set skins and the ability to customize colors of the main template
  5. Ability to change the popup style
  6. Related coupons / deals
  7. New “Collections” feature. Create your custom pages and add coupons / deals to it
  8. Brand new, user friendly admin interface
  9. Ability to add custom description / thumbnail and menu icon for each category
  10. Individual coupons now can be categorized instead of inheriting the categories of the store they belong to
  11. You can add keywords to each category. When importing / manually adding coupons the script will detect these keywords in the coupon’s title or description and automatically assign the correct category
  12. Much easier Google Analytics integration in the admin area
    couponFeed now support more countries: United States, United Kingdom, India, Germany, Italy, Poland, Switcherland, Norway, Brazil, Australia
  13. New plugin system: the extras plugin for Professional license holders are now usable from the admin interface

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed issue with Facebook connect (PHP 5.4+ only)
  2. Fixed Twitter connect
  3. Fixed routing issues
  4. Fixed issue with duplicate store permalinks
  5. Tons of small fixes