couponPHP runs on pretty much any modern webhost. Although there are a few requirements.

System Requirements

Our goal with couponPHP is to make it available to as many publishers as possible. In order to do so we kept our system requirements to the minimum. Please read these requirements before purchasing our software. If you are in any doubt please contact your hosting provider.

Required server features:

  • PHP 5.4+(In case if PHP 5.3 and older versions please ask [email protected] for a special build), mySQL, Apache
  • ionCube loaders for PHP - Some of the files are encrypted
  • Ability to chmod folders - The script should be able to write files in certain folders
  • mod_rewrite - So the script can use SEO friendly URLs
  • cURL - So it can grab data from Coupon Feed
  • PHP GD library - For image resizing and manipulation
  • PHP iconv library - For creating permalinks for foreign languages